A Bid Library Might Just Save Your Sanity
A folder of already created re-use material. Yes please! What items you need to start your library.

There are some questions in tenders that are so commonplace you would almost bet your house that you’ll be asked them.

Enter, the bid library! A folder of already created re-use material you can dip into for your bid response, tweak a little to suit the opportunity and keep moving.

Here is a list of items you should have as a minimum in your library:

  • Resumes for senior staff
  • Organisational chart
  • Corporate structure chart
  • Quality assurance certificates and insurance certificates
  • Case studies, testimonials, and referral information
  • Capability statement

Start here and then after each response ‘harvest’ your bid for information to save in your bid library. Before too long you’ll have a comprehensive library of information ready to be used. It might seem small, but the feeling of having a response ready to go is a ridiculous relief and might just save the vein in your forehead from exploding.

Happy bidding!

Eliza Carbines

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