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Tender Relief offers professional consulting services with a team of tenured professionals from the industry. Let our team of experts elevate your tender submission to new heights.
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Why work with Tender Relief consultants
Comprehensive Guidance
Our consultants will provide advice and help you manage your tender submission project from start to finish.
Tailored Advice
Our team understand every team is different. We will tailor our advice to your tender submission to bring out the best of your business.
Save Time and Stress Less
Working with a Tender Relief consultant will save you mountains of time and take the stress out of managing the project.
What we offer
Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation we both have an opportunity to understand one another’s needs for working together.
Go / No Go Assessment & Advice
We work directly with our clients from the outset to assess whether they are suited to meet the tender objectives and therefore help you decide if you should commit time and resources to writing the bid response.
Tender Project Management
Our consultants will manage your tender writing and submission project from start to finish. That means we read and understand the full requirements, document the tasks to be completed, assign work and help write the copy with your direct insights and input.
Tender Submission
Our seasoned professionals will submit your tender response ahead of time ensuring all documents and attachments are uploaded to the tender portal or sent to the appropriate location well ahead of time. You will receive a full report demonstrating conformance with the tender process and proof of submission.
Post-Submission Review
We will conduct an end of project review meeting to assess what went well and what can be improved for future submissions.
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