How Much Does Price Matter?
Sure price is important, but VALUE is what really matters.

Aside from price, what else do you think matters to your client? In a tender scenario, if you can’t answer this question, you are going to struggle to demonstrate real value for your potential client.

But doesn’t the cheapest price usually win anyway? No. Price and value are very different and understanding this could be the difference between winning and losing a bid.

Price is a simple concept; it is quite literally what you are charging for your product or service.

Value, on the other hand, is what you are offering for that price.

So, ask yourself, if you were the client what would matter to you aside from price: Are there unique safety risks that need to be understood? Does the job require an urgent turnaround? Is there pressure to deliver a particular quality?

If you can solve your client’s real concerns, the ones that aren’t just price-related, you will start to offer true value. This will not only help you protect your rate but also ensure you are pitching a service that is genuinely required. And that is hard to say no to.

Happy bidding!

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