Using Your Supply-Chain To Improve Your Bid
You don’t need to only rely on YOUR capability to win a bid. Leverage your suppliers to bolster your submission.

You don’t need to only rely on YOUR capability to win a bid.

Tenders will often have questions about your suppliers and subcontractors, it’s important to the reader to not only understand you, but to understand how your supply-chain can and will impact the job you’re bidding for.

Simple definitions:

  1. Suppliers offer a product
  2. Subcontractors offer a service

When bidding, you can use the achievements of your suppliers and contractors to improve your bid submission. Who you partner with reflects on you, make sure that reflection is positive and that your reader knows about it.

Here are some simple bits of information you can include in your bid on behalf of your suppliers and contractors:

  • Capability statements
  • Awards won, notable achievements and industry qualifications
  • Safety statistics and case studies of their previous work
  • Imagery and graphics relevant to the job you are bidding for
  • Diversity statistics

You don’t need to only rely on YOUR capability to win a bid, even if your position is strong there is always room to strengthen it and demonstrate further value to the buyer through your selection of a professional and capable supply-chain.

Happy bidding!

Eliza Carbines

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